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IZZI — Engine Cleaning Fluid

An image of the IZZI Engine Cleaning Fluid product from Aktuel

IZZI — Engine Cleaning Fluid (5L)

  • Purpose

    For cleaning the engines of cars, trucks and more without the risk of mechanical or chemical damage to the treated surface.
  • Usage Directions

    Optimal dosing: 10% aqueous solution

    Temperature: -30-40°C.

    For machine use: Used according to the machine operating instructions. The liquid is placed in a special device of the washing machine of the workshop and is steamed under the pressure of the treated surface. After the proper time has passed, the engine is rinsed with water.

    For manual car washing: Prepare a 10% aqueous solution of the preparation that is applied to the contaminated engine by brush, spray pump or other device. Leave to work for about 2-3 minutes (if there are strong dirt, they are handled mechanically), then rinse with water.
  • Volume

    5 liters (5L)

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